Improved milk components, production, body condition and reproduction.

Balanced energy gives benefits that last
— new long-term research proves it.

Energy Booster rumen bypass fats make it easy to choose an energy solution that’s just the right fit. Energy Booster products are research-proven to help sustain dry matter intake, increase milk production and milk components, improve body condition and support reproduction.

Energy Booster 100
Energy Booster 100®, a highly palatable, rumen-friendly bypass fat, provides 100% free fatty acids and the highest energy content available.

Energy Booster Mag
Energy Booster Mag™ provides a supplemental source of magnesium and has superb storage and handling characteristics for feed manufacturing. This product is an excellent choice for warm climates.

Energy Booster hP
Energy Booster hP™ supplies higher levels of palmitic acid to help improve milk fat percent, while still providing the stearic acid needed for improved body condition and reproductive performance.

Energy Booster hP
Energy Booster Select™ is formulated with free fatty acids and triglycerides for greater flexibility and more energy than liquid fats.