The Energy Booster family of dry fat supplements keeps growing to meet your dairy nutrition needs.
Energy Booster hP
NewEnergy Booster Select is designed — and proven — to outperform liquid fat blends. A University of Georgia study has shown cows fed Energy Booster Select increased milk production, milkfat yield and feed efficiency compared to cows fed an animal/vegetable fat supplement.

Energy Booster hP
Energy Booster hP combines higher levels of palm energy in combination with stearic acid, to boost butterfat while maintaining healthy body condition and overall energy balance. Developed for mid- to late-lactation cows, feed Energy Booster hP when cows are past peak milk and out of negative energy balance.

Energy Booster Mag
Energy Booster Mag provides palatable high-density energy, a high melting point for easier handling, plus magnesium — a mineral your cows need.

Energy Booster 100
Energy Booster 100 is the most energy dense dry fat supplement on the market. Energy Booster 100 contains 98% total fatty acids and the highest level of saturated free fatty acids you can buy.